Thursday, December 12, 2013

Reinforcing Vocabulary

Here are some (mostly borrowed!) ideas for reinforcing vocab.  Typical preschool ELLs can work on about 6-8 new vocab words at a time.  They need many, many exposures to a word to own it.

  • Maureen made pictures of OWL vocab to put in the middle of tables last year so newcomers could point to the pictures during snack and talk about the words with peers or teachers.
  • Also, Maureen recently made a picture sheet for an ELL of things he could find in the read aloud - kind of like a scavenger hunt/I Spy.  So when he found the cat in the book, he could (hopefully) raise his hand and say, "There's a cat."  
  • Heidi up at Hosmer has taped big laminated pictures of key vocab on the floor this year and is having students jump to the word she says.
  • Emily Z, Marissa V and I are finding it useful to have a more interactive bulletin board this year. Ours is related to the seasons for our group of ELL newcomers and ELL/SPED kids.  It gives a constant reminder of target vocab and structures and helps build background knowledge.  Come see it!  Room 213 
  • Tina mentioned memory match this week.  Can be done with peers, teachers, or at home in a student's home language. 
  • puzzles related to the theme (done with teachers or peers) 
  • books, especially pattern books/repetitive books, with pictures of the vocab  
  • Emily Z., Rebecca and I are using playdoh to teach some verbs - rolling, tapping, pushing, squeezing, pulling, stop
    Rebecca read Head to Toe by Eric Carle, which has the nice repetitive:  "Can you do it?  I can do it!"
  • Tricia was using nice big pictures to go with "10 is a Feast" recently.  After reading "one shopping cart", she asked a student in her small group to find picture of the shopping cart among all the pictures.  Then, "two _____" and another student found the picture from the rug of the 2 things.  After each one, they'd count the items.  Their newcomer was fully engaged! 

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