Friday, January 31, 2014

Language Differences

In a district that has upwards of 35 languages represented, we are always learning something about students' home languages!  Want some resources?  Read on!
(I will edit this post and add more as I discover them.  Please share any links you've found so I can add them as well.  We are all learning!)
Here's a growing list of websites that help in explaining language differences between English and other languages.  These can help us to:
  • determine what difficulties (e.g. in grammar, articulation, syntax) speakers of other languages can have in acquiring English
  • decide if a child is in need of Speech and Language Services or is having difficulty because a particular language structure is not present in his/her home language
  • interpret scores on any testing we do
  • know what structures may be troublesome for certain students because of the influence of their home language

1.  Frankfurt International School has information on Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi/Urdu, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish, among others.  The complete list is at 

2.  Wikipedia has basic information on many languages as well.  For example, you can do a search for "Thai grammar" or "Thai language."  Some pages are better than others.  Here is a sampling:
Mandarin Chinese Phonology:
Pashto/Pushtu Phonology:
Thai grammar:
Thai Phonology is included here:

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