Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Early Language Development

The New York Times has an interesting article this week about a new policy that the American Academy of Pediatrics has announced.  The AAP is asking pediatricians to ask parents to read aloud with babies at home--from birth.  New research indicates that language gaps are evident between children from wealthy family compared to lower-income families as early as 18 months.  The AAP's new policy seeks to close that gap. 

Also, the articles reference the following organizations which have resources that may be useful for preschool teachers with at-risk students:
  •  First Five Years Fund ( is an organization that advocates in early education for low-income children.
  •  Reach Out and Read ( is a nonprofit literacy group that enlists about 20,000 pediatricians nationwide to give out books to low-income families.
  •  Too Small to Fail  ( is a joint effort between the nonprofit Next Generation and the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation that is aimed at closing the word gap.
These resources are useful for our own learning but also have useful information for passing on to families for the children we teach currently and for the younger ones at home.

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