Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Twitter Resources!

Twitter is AWESOME for building your professional learning network and using as professional development.  I've just started using it more in the past month or so.  There are several people to follow if you teach DLLs.  Some folks have their own websites as well.

Check out:
Judie Haynes @judiehaynes /
   I've been using Judie Haynes books since the late '90s and now I get to tweet with her. (!)

Karen Nemeth @KarenNemethEdM  /
   Karen's site is geared toward early childhood.

Shakira @shakira
   Shakira - yes, you read that right - is a big voice in early childhood and recently hosted    #ShakiraEdChat with the @WhiteHouse and Arne Duncan @arneduncan.

Lauren Harrison @LaurenEHarrison
   Yours truly.

This doc has the schedule for education chats on Twitter.  I love doing #ELLchat (founded by Judie and Karen) on Mondays at 9PM.  Other hashtags to check out are #ECE and #SPEDchat, but #ELLchat is the best.  Recently,

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